20170711_1153062016-08-30 17.02.1720170710_16210820170625_19260720170705_21140620170625_192607As a passionate hobby breeders we only have 4 White Swiss shepherds- our best friends and partners in all crimes, so here they are:

Born To Win White Xpensive aka Izzy. D.O.B – 11.07.2013, Gender: Female, Health: Hips 4/4 ( BVA ), Elbows 0/0 ( BVA ), MDR1 +/+, DM N/N ( not affected). Size at withers- 60,5 cm. Standart ( medium) coated, very white, excellent pigmented, full dentition, scissor bite. High prey-ball drive, very open and friendly with people, very willing to please. One word- explorer!!!! She was born in Estonia, under ” Born To Win White” name, but she is my baby as well, as her mother and grand father are dogs from my own breeding and Izzy is ย grand daughter and great grand- daughter of my first White Swiss shepherd dogs. She came to live with us here in UK on October 2013 and made our lives complete ๐Ÿ™‚

Pedigree :


Finn MacCool Biala Wiedzma aka Finn- D.O.B – 07.04.2015, Gender: Male, Health: Hips 6/7 ( BVA ), Elbows- to come, MDR1 +/+, DM N/N ( by parentage ). Size at withers- 67 cm. Long coat, very white, excellent pigmented, full dentition, scissor bite. Medium drives, friendly with people, dominant with dogs, very loving with family. He is our quardian angel ๐Ÿ™‚ just really naughty angel…He joined our family on July 2015 and turned everything upside down. Finn is not breeding dog, so he is not available for stud services.



We were planning to keep one girl out of “F” litter ( BTWW Xpensive X Madison P’Tits Loups D’Amour ), but all pups turned out to be so excellent, that we kept two- Flaming Glory from Kontrastas ( Flame ) and Fabianna from Kontrastas ( Fabs). Girls are just happy teen pups, open, friendly and loves to keep our visitors occupied. They are both MDR1 and DM not affected by parentage, hips/elbows will be scored soon. We just need to wait and see what life will bring to us ๐Ÿ™‚